Two Minds Counselling Services

Individual Advocacy



Individual advocacy involves supporting people to exercise their rights by providing assistance to: voice concerns, access information, resolve issues or to identify available support options.

We can advocate on behalf of children, young people and adults whose situation or condition:

  • impacts on their rights or wellbeing or
  • places them at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

This may include people with a disability, mental health concerns or other conditions that result in impaired decision-making capacity or a legal disability.

Wherever possible, Two Minds Counselling Services undertakes individual advocacy with a forward focus to promote and ideally secure a response that ensures that an individual’s rights are upheld.

In both our individual advocacy and oversight work, we focus on ensuring that systems are doing what they are supposed to be doing in the way they are supposed to be doing it. 

We may also advocate for an individual where we identify issues with the provision of a service that is grounded in statutory obligations, particularly where these obligations are not being met. It should be recognised that individual advocacy can be a tool to mitigate against a situation becoming a complaint.

In recognition of this, there are often situations where the Discrimination, Health Services and Disability and Community Services Commissioner will refer a matter to Two Minds Counselling Services for advocacy as a means of facilitating an appropriate and more immediate response to the matter at hand.

We may be able to provide you or someone you care about with individual advocacy in relation to:

  • child and youth protection services, including youth justice
  • education
  • housing
  • mental Health
  • family violence and personal protection orders or
  • complex service provision needs.