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Counselling in Gawler goes hand in hand with the overall history of counselling. There is an old saying that goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved.” This saying shows us that counselling is not a new idea. In tribal days, counselling was where a group sat and shared their experiences and dreams. Later, it developed into religion in confessionals. The infamous Sigmund Freud had a theory where psychoanalysts could analyse the human subconscious, which added to psychology development.


Mental health counselling can help every person. It is a way for us to communicate our feelings and develop more interactive skills.

  • Counselling helps improve communication skills which enables you to build stronger relationships and aid with conflict resolution.
  • It can improve your decision-making skills as you will learn how to control your emotions better and manage your stress.
  • Counselling may help with mental conditions such as depression or anxiety that stems from trauma and other underlining issues.

A specific benefit of counselling is that your daily life will improve as you will better control your emotions and stress levels. It's ideal for people suffering from anxiety or mild panic attacks.



Many signs can indicate the need for a counsellor; however, even without these signs, counselling can be beneficial. Therapy is not only for problems but also for support and community benefits.

  • If you have difficulty concentrating or executing minor tasks, seeing a counsellor can help you schedule your time and help you work through the distracting thoughts from your daily tasks. Other self-defeating behaviours such as breaking yourself down are also signs to seek counselling.
  • Panic attacks, anxiety, sadness feelings of no use (known as depression) are major signs that you should see a counsellor. It is not beneficial or necessary to work through these feelings alone, and you are not weak for expressing them. It is entirely natural to have these feelings, and with counselling, you will come out of it feeling better than ever.
  • Other signs for you to look out for are: experience of violent behaviour or assault, anger issues, minor compulsive behaviour (buying something you do not have the money for, reacting on impulse, etc), sexual worries and after traumatic events.
These are all significant signs to seek counselling; however, you do not need to have these symptoms or experiences to seek help. Just feeling down in the dumps is enough to benefit from counsel.


At Two Minds Counselling Services, we offer mobile counselling, telehealth, in-home visits, and assistance with online therapy. We work with speech and behavioural issues along with our counselling which supports mental illnesses.

Our counsellor is certified and is SAI accredited. We are ACA and NDIS approved, which indicates our professional views towards your mental health. We offer mental health counselling, disability support and youth support.

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