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Two Minds Counselling Services

Disability Support

Two Minds Counselling Services supports individuals with disability to exercise Choice and Control, achieve their goals, and be active members of the community.

We provide the right support at the right moment, creating moments that matter as we break down barriers and strive for a more inclusive society.

Working Together

At Two Minds Counselling Services we provide service, support, and care for young people and adults with disabilities and their families. We understand that everyone is different that is why working together with our dedicated team of professionals are strong advocates and will strive to ensure that all participant goals are met as set out in their NDIS plan.

Our activities are Person-Centred and tailored to their unique goals and needs. Our aim to is to provide a personalised and consistently high standard of quality care and open communication with them and their family. Working Together tirelessly towards improving each of our participants quality of life and always ensuring their happiness and well-being.


Meal Planning and Preparation

Enjoying tasty and nutritious meals is a fundamental part of a happy life. We can help you achieve this with:

  • Planning your meals.
  • Visiting your local grocery store, supermarket, butcher, bakery with you or helping you to do your shopping online – whatever you prefer.
  • Meal preparation in your home.
  • Healthy and tasty recipe suggestions.
  • Using kitchen utensils and eating aids or feeding assistance.



Community and Companionship

You deserve to live a life of purpose and fulfilment, and relationships and a sense of community is fundamental to this. Whether it is enjoying hobbies, staying connected with your community or making new friends, we can help you stay connected with a wide range of social support networks.


Personal Care and Wellbeing

Enjoy the confidence and happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best with our in-home personal care and wellbeing services.
Everyday personal care is essential to independent living at home, which is why we provide access to personal services including:

  • Showering and personal hygiene.
  • Dressing and grooming.
  • Skin care.
  • Medication management.

Individual Plans

Our experienced and caring team will work with you to create a disability service program specific to your circumstances. All plans start with an understanding your abilities, skills, previous experiences, and goals so we can tailor a strategy that will allow you to live the life you want to lead.



Freedom of movement is a key part of an independent life, so our friendly and supportive team can get you where you need to go. It is not just a taxi service either - we provide company and help you complete important life tasks.


NDIS Support Coordination

Our Support Coordination Service helps you to easily navigate the complex system and ensure delivery of the best possible services with your NDIS funding. This can involve:

  • taking the time to guide you through the NDIS experience.
  • striving to reach your goals and break down barriers.
  • strengthening your ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports.
  • resolving service delivery issues.
  • resolving points of crisis and developing capacity & resilience in your network.
  • coordinating support from a range of services.