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Two Minds Counselling Services

About Two Minds Counselling

Two Minds Counselling is a new business that was started in January 2021, the business name came about through a collaborative approach with the concept of two minds coming together as one.

Work placement - when counselling it is a requirement to undertake 120 hours to gain your certification, work placement and certification was completed in November 2020.

Qualifications are a Bachelor in Sociology majored in (criminology, forensic psych, psychology) completed in 2019, Diploma in Counselling completed 2020, Diploma in Disability Support completed in 2020, Positive Behaviour course completed December 2020. and I am currently studying my master’s in counselling.

Whilst working in the mining industry Tina started to study her bachelor's degree in criminology. Tina started to gain an interest in human behaviour while doing the forensics psychology components. Throughout her studying journey Tina was diagnosed with cancer which changed her direction completely. While going through chemotherapy Tina started studying her diploma in counselling. She then turned to disability support and working as a positive behaviour practitioner aimed at helping other people in need. Tina started Two Minds Counselling Services with the aim to implement services in the local areas that gives a structured therapeutic approach that lines up with other providers working in a work group approach. Tina is a highly skilled Positive Behaviour and Counsellor with experience working with children, and adults with high needs, ranging from children with ASD, to adults with anxiety and depression. Tina’s feels her ability to work as a team player is proficient, and is comfortable working within deadlines, and working without supervision, due to this, she believes she is well suited as a Behaviour Support Practitioner.

Throughout her career, Tina has demonstrated continual expertise in performing high-level risk assessments, leading motivated and productive teams, driving policy development, and implementation to minimize liability risk. Tina is experienced and comfortable undertaking mental health assessments, including developing plans aimed at positive improvement using a variety of tools, in addition, Tina has a great understanding and experience working within the NDIS system. Tina is a believer of training and development as an ongoing upskilling process, and due to this she has undertaken her diploma in health and safety, return to work coordinator, and cert 4 TAE. Throughout the years Tina has focused on mental health issues and understanding human behaviour. It is due to this focus or passion that she has taken a journey of studying sociology (Bachelor), with a large component of the degree is focusing on human behaviour. During this time, she found the subject of psychology, and cultural awareness fascinating. Tina has a diploma in counselling and is also studying her master’s in counselling to build onto her understanding of mental health, with the aim to help others.

Tina offers guidance to individuals, couples, families, and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. ... Tina works with individuals, groups, and communities to improve mental health. Tina encourages clients to discuss emotions and experiences. And also assist clients in reaching their optimal level of psychosocial functioning through resolving negative patterns.


Robert, is experienced in offering Counselling to people with a wide range of life experiences and issues. His clients vary in age from early teens to post-retirement. Robert has knowledge and experience in a variety of work settings including leadership roles, mental health, crisis intervention, and addiction rehabilitation and recovery.

Through his own journey and life experience Robert is compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental and is able to relate and understand the issues faced by individuals today. Robert’s main focus is on bringing hope to those suffering and helping individuals rebuild their lives and live a rich and meaningful life.

Robert has worked with individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds, in one on one, couples, and group settings, working with substance abuse, addictions, mental health illnesses, family of origin, anxiety & stress, trauma, grief & loss, shame, self-esteem and life-transitions. Robert believes that life is for living and that despite the challenges and stressors, we all need, want, and deserve to be happy, lead fulfilling and productive lives and have loving relationships. Working from the premise that the therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and a client is a collaborative one, with trust, empathy & non-judgement at the forefront, he sees his role as a facilitator to help you reach your desired goals and realize your full potential.

If you like to have a counselling session booked with Robert, please contact us through Facebook. Or contact us via our website: