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Two Minds Counselling Services


I have a strong history of ongoing learning and development, my belief is that the brain is like any muscle, it needs to be exercised to stay healthy.

I started at a certificate level of training working my way through a range of human movement courses starting with personal training and physiotherapy assistance courses.

I then moved into the diploma level of training by working my way through a range of business courses starting with my diploma in business management, certificate four in training and assessing, diploma in work health and safety, and Workcover return to work-return certification.

I have undertaken is a bachelor’s degree in sociology (criminology) with a major in psychology (Psychology 100, Psychology 101, Forensic Psychology), major in forensics. This was a 7yr degree that was finished in 2019. 

This then leads me to my latest study path, which is my diploma in counselling, which was completed in 2020, when counselling it is a requirement to undertake 120 hours of work placement to gain your certification my work placement, and certification was completed in November 2020.

During my work placement I opted to keep studying by completing the certificate four in disability support which was also completed in 2020.

In addition, I completed my positive behaviour course through Monash University which was completed in December 2020.

I am currently studying my master’s in counselling which has approximately one year to completion.